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Analysis on the Concept of Degradable Plastics

by:XCBIO     2021-09-05
With the deepening of people's understanding of plastic pollution, the term degradation has also been recognized by many people. Due to the promotion and application of degradable products and technological updates, different definitions of degradability have emerged, and the concept of degradability has also undergone different changes. The following is the analysis of several kinds of degradability: Degradation refers to the reduction of the number of carbon atoms and molecular weight of ji compounds. Refers to the process by which large molecules of a polymer compound become smaller molecules. Non-degradable plastics cannot be degraded into environmentally harmless plastics in a short period of time under natural environmental conditions. Traditional and new plastics are mostly non-degradable plastics, including polyethylene (PE, the main material of most plastic plastic bags), polypropylene (PP, plastic tableware containers, etc.), polystyrene (PS, plastic tableware, containers), Polylu vinyl (PVC, film, packaging film, etc.), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA, functional film), polyethylene terephthalate (PET, beverage bottles, chemical fiber) several types of materials are disposable plastics Plastics that are common in products and used in large quantities. plastics, because degradability is a concept for plastic pollution, the definition of degradation cannot be separated from the natural environment. plastics refer to plastics that can be completely degraded in a natural environment or simulated natural environment. The technology of crushing or partially decomposing non-degradable materials through additives is not the material's degradability, so it cannot be called degradable plastic. plastic is a general term for environmentally friendly materials with degradability. With the participation of natural or simulated natural environment and natural microorganisms, biodegradable plastics can be decomposed into environmentally friendly or natural substances in a short period of time. plastic materials can be completely degraded within 180 days, with a short degradation time and no impact on the environment. Compostable and biodegradable plastics are biodegradable plastics that are biodegradable products by Tianran microorganisms under specific composting conditions. Composting conditions are divided into domestic composting (35-45℃) and industrial composting (50-65℃) according to temperature. Soil-biodegradable plastics Plastics that can be biodegraded in the natural soil environment. The application of this kind of degradable plastic is mainly agricultural mulch, which is used in a lot in our country. The promotion of degradable agricultural film is the basic requirement of plastic pollution control in my country. The geographical environment of the east, the west, the north and the south are quite different in my country, and different types of soil degradable agricultural mulches need to be developed according to different geographical and climatic environments. Marine environment biodegradable plastics Plastics that can be biodegraded in the natural marine environment. This degradable plastic is suitable for the geographical conditions of Hainan and coastal areas, and since the migration destination of plastic pollutants is the ocean, the degradation of plastic in the marine environment can greatly help reduce marine plastic pollution. Other environmentally degradable plastic degradable materials can also be divided into freshwater environment degradable plastics, sludge anaerobic digestion plastics, high-solid anaerobic digestion plastics, etc. according to the geographical environment.
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