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Biodegradable environmental protection plastic bag

by:XCBIO     2021-08-25
In January last year, the 'Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution' issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment was called 'the strongest plastic restriction order in history.' Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan and other places have accelerated the implementation of plastic price limit orders. The Chengdu version of 'the most powerful plastic restriction order in history'-'Chengdu Action Plan for Strengthening Plastic Pollution Control' will also enter everyone's lives in 2021. 'But the standard is actually a little bit more, it feels very confusing, and there is no idea yet.' The standard for the production of plastic products mentioned by Mr. Yang refers to the standard for biodegradable plastic bags. Except for Mr. Yang, many citizens are puzzled by the standard of the 'plastic limit order'. 'I very much support plastic restrictions, but I don't know which is a biodegradable plastic bag.' What kind of biodegradable plastic bag is it, should the standard be marked? The reporter inquired about the relevant standards and interviewed the testing agency. The standards of degradable plastic bags in offline supermarkets are different, and the feel of the materials is also different. The reporter visited the scene and found that the standards of biodegradable plastic bags used in offline supermarkets were inconsistent. The biodegradable plastic shopping bag used in Familymart is marked GB/T38082-2019. According to the manufacturer, this is the standard widely used in biodegradable plastic bags in the industry. However, the plastic shopping bags used in WOWO convenience stores only carry the words 'degradable environmental protection bagsThe feel of this plastic bag is slightly different from that of Familymart, it feels thicker and has a smoother surface. In addition, the plastic bag standard of the three supermarkets is plastic shopping bag (GB/T21661-2008). Some plastic bags that implement this standard are printed with the slogan 'Environmental Protection' Bag'. Is this plastic bag degradable? The merchant said that they are not biodegradable plastic bags, with the words 'environmental protection' written on them, and hope that everyone can use them many times. In addition to visiting Shangchao, the reporter saw in a sales center in Erxianqiao that two types of biodegradable products plastic bags are sold here. One is similar to the one in WOWO convenience stores, with a smooth surface, and the other is similar to the degradable plastic bags used in Familymart, with lighter weight. Online inquiries implement various standards, and the standards in different regions are different. After entering 'degradable plastic plastic bags' on the shopping website, the reporter consulted the five or six stores with the highest sales and learned that the major degradable plastic bags sold online Include three categories: biodegradation, starch-based degradation and photodegradation. Among them, biodegradable products plastic plastic bags are usually called fully biodegradable plastic bags, and the implementation standard is GB/T38082-2019. Using a mixture of PBAT + PLA and PBAT + PLA + ST, the relative decomposition rate exceeds 90%. Soft material, translucent bag, natural degradation and relatively expensive price. The starch-based biodegradable plastic bag contains bio-based corn starch ST30 degradable material, and the implementation standard is GB/T38079-2019. Using ST30 plant corn starch mixture, the bio-based content is 20%-50%. The material is slightly soft, and the bag is milky white and light yellow, which can be buried and degraded at a moderate price. The light-degradable plastic bag is made of light-degradable mineral and inorganic powder MD40, and the implementation standard is GB/T20197-2006. Using a mixture of PE and MD40 biodegradable particles, the degradation rate exceeds 30%. The material is hard to touch, it is a milky white bag, which can be incinerated into powder, buried and photo-oxidized, and the price is economical and practical. Except for the above three standards, the reporter did not see GB/T21661-2008 in the inspection report provided by the merchant. Some businessmen say that many local policies differ depending on where they are used. 'Biodegradation is usually carried out in coastal areas and requires 100% complete degradation in water. At present, Hainan requires complete biodegradation. Starch degradation and photodegradation can be used in other areas. The standard distinguishes how to mark: 'In product or Mark on the outer packaging'. The standards for biodegradable plastic bags are dazzling. Are the above standards effective? The reporter asked this question in the national standard full-text disclosure system and industry-related websites. In addition to 'GB/T21661-2008 Plastic 'Shopping bag' was abolished on December 31, 2020, replaced by 'GB/T 21661-2020 plastic shopping bag'. All other standards are still valid. It is worth noting that GB/T 20197-2006 defines biodegradable products The definition, classification, marking and degradation performance requirements of plastics. According to this standard, under specified environmental conditions, after a period of time and including one or more steps, the chemical structure of the material will change significantly, and some properties will be lost. Or plastics will be decomposed into degradable plastics. According to its design, the final degradation methods of degradable plastics include biodegradable plastics, compostable plastics, photodegradable plastics and thermal oxidative degradation plastics. At the same time, this standard recommends degradable plastic products. When using the logo, it should be marked on the product or outer packaging. The photodegradable polypropylene plastic sheet produced according to this standard contains 15% mineral powder and 25% glass fiber, and 5% photosensitizer is added. Length, The width and thickness are 500mm, 1000mm and 2mm, respectively, which are expressed as GB/T20197/photodegradable plastic PP-(GF25 + MD15) DPA5.
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