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Biodegradable material manufacturers introduce how OPP plastic bags can be green and environmentally friendly

by:XCBIO     2021-08-27
OPP plastic plastic bags are plastic packaging bags with very good materials. They are used in all walks of life in the market. Plastic manufacturers have many years of packaging production technology, excellent technology, excellent product quality, good service attitude, low prices, and many concessions. The social status is very high, and it monopolizes the entire packaging industry of shopping bags in shopping malls. The use of OPP plastic bags in many canteens and shopping malls is very large, and tens of thousands of them may be used a day. In this case, the environmental performance of OPP plastic plastic bags must be paid attention to. Next, biodegradable products material manufacturers will introduce how OPP plastic plastic bags can be green and environmentally friendly.  1. The finished product has good processability, large shrinkage rate and general heat-seal performance. The product is very good in heat-resistant color environmental protection bags, and can be used with confidence at high temperatures.  2. Good chemical stability, stable to acids, alkalis, salts and a variety of solvents within a certain temperature range. The blocking performance is better than PE, but the blocking performance is poor, and chemical reactions will not occur when packaging special substances in a stable manner.  3. Good high temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time in the range of 100~120℃, and can be used at 150℃ without load. The low temperature resistance is poor. It needs to be rectified in the future. This is also a problem that plastic packaging bags must pay attention to.  4. Good mechanical properties, higher strength, hardness, and rigidity than PE, especially good bending strength, ductility is also applicable here, and its products can be stretched for long distances to increase the packaging range. The above content is about biodegradable products material manufacturers introducing how OPP plastic bags are green and environmentally friendly. If you want to know more about biodegradable products materials, you can contact online customer service, we will be dedicated to You serve.
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