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Biodegradable packaging bag

by:XCBIO     2021-09-03
With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, the use of plastic packaging bags now requires degradable packaging plastic bags. packaging bags are generally more environmentally friendly. What material is this packaging bag made of? Generally, there are three types of biodegradable packaging bags, namely: 1. Microbial fermentation method: Many microorganisms can use certain organic matter as a carbon source and produce polyester and polysaccharides through metabolism and secretion. These molecules are easily degraded and can be further recycled. 2. Chemical synthesis: starting from simple water molecules, simulating the structure of natural polymers, connecting active groups (such as amide groups, peptide groups and ester groups) to the polymer chain of plastics, and compounds containing these groups Similar to structural fragments of natural proteins and oils, it is easy to biodegrade. 3. Natural polymer modification method: using natural polymers such as starch, cellulose, chitin, lignin, and seaweed as raw materials, these molecules are modified through chemical modification and copolymerization to synthesize biodegradable products plastics . At present, China has developed a new biodegradable products plastic for plastic packaging bags. Its ingredients are synthesized from polyvinyl alcohol, starch and photosensitizer. Polyvinyl alcohol is inherently easier to degrade than polyethylene, and the addition of photosensitizers can accelerate the degradation of plastics by absorbing sunlight. Starch can promote the biodegradation of plastics in the soil. Therefore, this new degradable plastic is easier to degrade than the former, and its degraded plastic components are broken down into simple molecular structures, such as carbon and water, which are more environmentally friendly. In the future, biodegradable packaging bags will be widely used.
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