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Biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers explain the difference between good and bad packaging plastic bags

by:XCBIO     2021-08-25
How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of packaging plastic bags? I believe that many people are still ignorant of this matter. They feel that the vest bag is just a trivial thing. You can choose it well, and the product itself is not expensive. A few cents will not feel pitted if you buy it badly. This idea is extremely wrong. Because for some big sellers, every time they get the goods in large quantities, if they pick a product that is not very good, it is not a problem of two or three bad products at this moment, but a large number of large quantities, and the loss is also large. Next, biodegradable products plastic bag manufacturers will explain the difference between good and bad packaging plastic bags.   At present, some high-quality plastic vest bags on the market usually contain three aspects. Simply put, they are the alkali resistance level, the tensile level and the ability to withstand cracking. Of course, the most critical one is the alkali resistance level. The reason is that on the basis of alkaline, if the plastic bag becomes larger, the strength of the packaging plastic bag will become weaker when it is used, so the anti-cracking function is equivalent to useless. When it comes to the alkali resistance of plastic t-shirt bags, it is mainly determined by the raw materials processed and the added neutralizer to the plastic bag factory. The plastic vest bags of fake and inferior products usually have the following conditions: First, they may be made from the secondary packaging plastic bags that have already been used; secondly, they are also likely to be in the processing of packaging plastic bags. , The product itself has been added with some harmful chemical raw materials, and the safety factor of such packaging plastic plastic bags is extremely low; however, consumers cannot distinguish the above with the naked eye, so more attention should be paid. However, it is very fortunate that the market has stepped up the supervision of fake and shoddy plastic products, and high-quality packaging plastic bags are still the mainstream of the market. The above content is related to the difference between the quality of packaging plastic bags by biodegradable products plastic bag manufacturers. If you want to know more about the content of biodegradable products plastic bags, you can contact online customer service, we will be happy at your service.
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