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Bio-based plastic raw materials from renewable resources

Researches show application and demand for plastic are increasing every year, which bring a greater burden to our Earth, there has been a Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch floating which has a larger size than the continental United States, it is not just a huge threat to marine creatures but also human beings, not to mention there are a great number of plastic garbage buried underneath.


Luckily, we have noticed this challenge and developed a new material to relieve the difficulty which is Polylactic acid. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a 100% bio-based polymer sourcing from sustainable resources which are plant-based starches.


To manufacture PLA, firstly the raw starch material needs to be processed through saccharification to extract glucose, with the help of certain microbes then, glucose can be fermented into high purity lactic acid, finally PLA is synthetized after a set of chemical processes. Its production process is totally harmless to environment and it will be biodegraded completely into carbon dioxide and water by microbes, which achieves circulation in nature, even if adopting incineration method to deal with PLA, there would be no noxious gas released such as nitride and sulfide.


Apart from its eco-friendly character, PLA is widely applied in a variety of fields due to its excellent thermal stability (170~230℃), mechanical property, physical property and anti-solvent effect, etc., industrial process includes extrusion, spinning, biaxial extension, injection blowing, etc.

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