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Detailed introduction of biodegradable plastic bags

by:XCBIO     2021-09-01
Currently, biodegradable plastics widely used in the market include polylactic acid, polyhydroxyalkanoate, PBAT, and so on. This plastic contains some substances, which can be completely or partially converted into water, carbon dioxide and fertilizers under the action of microorganisms. Under normal circumstances, biodegradable plastic bags are marked with production materials and manufacturer bar codes under the environmental protection label. If PLA, PHA or PBAT, or certified seed mark and BPI mark are found, it means that the plastic bag is degradable.   degradable plastic bags, also known as green plastics, refer to the biochemical processes that are completely or partially converted into water, carbon dioxide/methane, energy and biomass under the action of microorganisms. plastic bags can be biodegradable in accordance with the standards of plastic bags under certain conditions, such as a temperature of 70 degrees and an environment with sufficient CO2. Therefore, when the degradable plastic bag enters the ocean and other non-standard environments, the biodegradability of the plastic bag will decrease. Therefore, when choosing a suitable degradable plastic bag, the used plastic bag should also be disposed of under suitable environmental requirements. The main difference between    degradable plastic plastic bags and ordinary plastic bags is that the former does not contain the polyethylene component in ordinary garbage bags, but is mainly made of lignin and biodegradable plastic extracted from straw. However, degradable plastic bags require strict conditions (water, temperature, reactor, etc.). ) To completely degrade. According to related studies, when the pH of the degradable plastic bag is between 1-2 (strong acid) or 11-13 (strong base), it takes 1-2 months for the molecular chain to break (ie, complete degradation). Environmentally friendly plastic plastic bags are short for various biodegradable plastic bags. With the development of science and technology, various materials that can replace traditional polyethylene plastics have emerged, including polymer materials such as polylactic acid, polyphosphate, polybutylene succinate, and polybutylene succinate. Both can replace traditional polyethylene plastic bags. At present, environmentally friendly plastic bags have been widely used: supermarket shopping bags, roll fresh-keeping bags, plastic films, etc. They are all examples of large-scale applications in China.   plastic bags are expensive among plastic films. According to survey data, only 11.4% of consumers said they would buy fully biodegradable plastic bags at a price of 0.7 yuan, while consumers consider the price factor when buying plastic bags, accounting for 28%, that is, the price of degradable plastic bags It is one of the disturbing factors. According to reports from plastic manufacturers, the main cost of biodegradable plastic bags lies in the production of plastic film. Since the machinery and technology for producing plastic films basically rely on imports, a large amount of labor is required. Import costs and labor costs have soared, resulting in high prices for biodegradable plastic bags. The above explanation is about biodegradable plastic bags. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to know more about biodegradable plastic bags, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline (website (Upper right corner) for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality service!
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