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How many misunderstandings have you hit on the degradation of biodegradable materials?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-27
The terms biodegradable materials, biodegradable packaging plastic bags, and biodegradable plastic plastic bags have become popular in the past two years, but many people still don’t know how biodegradable materials degrade? So how many misunderstandings have you hit on the degradation of biodegradable materials? Summarize some of the misunderstandings of some customers and share with you: Some customers mistakenly believe that biodegradable materials will degrade in the air or during use. This is a question that customers ask more, but this is not the case because of biodegradation. The degradation of the material requires temperature, humidity and microorganisms to degrade under suitable conditions, so it will not be biodegraded during daily use or storage period. Even after the storage period, it will not be degraded immediately. Some customers will understand that biodegradable materials will degrade in any environment, because biodegradable materials have different varieties and chemical structures, and their degradation behavior is different under different environmental conditions. In addition, it is said that degradation is necessary. External environmental conditions, therefore, biodegradable materials cannot be degraded in any environment. At present, most biodegradable materials will degrade in soil, seawater, compost and other environments under proper temperature and humidity conditions. Decomposed by microorganisms. Another customer believes that biodegradable materials can only be degraded under composting conditions. In fact, this is not the case. materials can be degraded in a variety of environments. In compost, soil, river water, sea water and other environments, they can be degraded under suitable conditions of temperature, humidity and microorganisms. Therefore, biodegradable materials are not only used in It can be degraded under composting conditions, and can also be biodegraded under soil and other conditions. Just because composting is a controlled condition, relatively speaking, the process of biodegradation is easier to control. Because of its biodegradable properties, biodegradable products materials have more biorecyclable ways than traditional plastics (such as composting), and they can no longer be recycled in the application of mulch.
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