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How to distinguish the quality of packaging bags?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-29
Many people don't know the quality of packaging bags, and don't want to know whether they are good or not. Anyway, as long as they can hold things, most of them have this idea. I think that packaging plastic bags are nothing more than trivial things. It doesn't matter whether you choose or not. Another point is that these packaging bags are not expensive and can be purchased for a few cents. It doesn't matter if they are of poor quality. So today, the packaging bag manufacturer tells everyone that this idea is very wrong. Some good packaging bags on the market usually contain three aspects, namely, the alkali resistance level of the packaging bag, the stretch level and the tolerable crack resistance. Of course, the alkali resistance of the packaging bag is the core. The reason is that on the basis of alkalinity, if the stretch amount is large, the strength of the packaging plastic bag will be weakened during use, then the crack resistance function is useless. The alkali resistance of the packaging bag The performance mainly depends on the processed raw materials and the additives added. The Xinchuang Bio packaging bag manufacturer tells everyone that the following situations will occur after the inferior quality packaging bags are purchased and used: The inferior packaging bags are likely to be manufactured from the used secondary packaging bags, and they are likely to be in the processing of the packaging bags. Some harmful chemicals are added to the bag, and this kind of packaging bag is likely to emit substances harmful to the human body. However, it is difficult for consumers to visually distinguish whether these packaging bags have undergone secondary processing. Fortunately, the monitoring of inferior packaging products in the market has been strengthened. Therefore, everyone should continue to pay attention to the production process of packaging plastic bags and the use of raw materials, so that they will be more at ease when buying and using packaging bags. The application of Xinchuang Bio biodegradable products materials has changed the characteristics of traditional plastics. The products can be degraded under the action of sunlight and are easily digested by the environment when they are discarded. The masterbatch can make the products burn better and reduce the harmful gases produced by incineration. Xinchuang Bio packaging bag manufacturers focus on the Ru0026D, production and sales of products in the packaging bag industry and have rich industry experience. Over the past 18 years, many inventions have been obtained. If you have a demand for biodegradable products packaging plastic bags, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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