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Promotion of the benefits of biodegradable membranes

by:XCBIO     2021-08-21
With the serious white pollution problem, the discarded plastic film damages the soil structure, reduces the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, and reduces the fertility of the soil, which has a great impact on the agricultural environment and agricultural income. Therefore, the popularization and application of biodegradable membrane technology arises at the historic moment, and the promotion and use of environmentally friendly biodegradable membranes will be an ideal way to solve the problem of white pollution. Independent research and development and production of biodegradable film, biodegradable products heat sealing film, biodegradable composite film, the products are relatively mature and enter the market, and achieved good response. This degradable film has the following characteristics: First, the production of its raw materials does not depend on petroleum, it is mainly extracted from organisms; Second, it is harmless to the environment, has no peculiar smell, is environmentally friendly, has no white pollution, and is derived from nature. , Attributed to nature; third, the compost can be fully degraded within 180 days, reducing environmental pollution. Compared with traditional plastic film, the use of biodegradable products film lays a good foundation for the promotion and application of degradable packaging technology in the future. The biodegradable products membrane produced by Xinchuang Bio can meet the needs of different customers. If you have a need for degradable membranes, please consult customer service and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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