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Trash can degradation bag

by:XCBIO     2021-08-31
The real necessity of 'broken plastic bags' is to consider harmless garbage disposal or resource utilization. After plastic and wet garbage are mixed, they will enter the terminal disposal link, which will seriously affect the disposal efficiency and effectiveness of related facilities and equipment. At the Kitchen Renewable Resource Center, workers mix wet waste with microbial inoculum. After 10 to 12 hours of aerobic exercise, the waste can be converted into valuable waste, which can be used to fertilize or soften the soil. However, if a large amount of plastic is mixed with wet garbage, it will cause uneven air distribution in the wet garbage dump and make some wet garbage 'starved of oxygen.' Compared with ordinary plastic bags, the main difference between biodegradable plastic plastic bags is that the former does not contain PE components in ordinary garbage bags, but mainly comes from lignin extracted from straw and biodegradable products plastics. However, biodegradable plastic bags require strict conditions (water, temperature, reactor, etc.) to complete the degradation. According to related research, when the pH value of the degradable plastic bag is between 1-2 (strong acid) and 11-13 (strong base), it will take 1-2 months for the molecular chain to break (ie complete degradation). In the natural environment, the entire degradation cycle will be longer, and the degradation process will still produce substances that interfere with the environment or even be harmful. If biodegradable plastic bags are rapidly popularized on a large scale, they will eventually enter the soil and wait for the so-called 'degradationIn Xinjing Town, Changning District, a citizen converted bottled water into household wet garbage bins after drinking, and discarded kitchen garbage directly. When not in use, there is no peculiar smell on the lid. When dumping, there is no need to worry about breaking and dripping the bag. After cleaning on the faucet, it may be the same as the new one. If you put in kitchen garbage that is difficult to clean with heavy oil, it only takes more than 1 minute to make it into a garbage can again. Because of its convenience and portability, it has become a rarity in the eyes of neighbors, colleagues and friends. In more than two weeks, he made more than 140 household wet trash bins and gave them to relatives and friends around him.
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