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What are compostable biodegradable materials?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-29
What are compostable biodegradable products materials? Compostable refers to the ability of materials to be biodegraded during the composting process. A material includes paper, plastic, etc. If it is declared to have compost ability, it should be stated that the material is biodegradable and disintegrated in the composting system, and is completely biodegradable products in the composting process. Compost must meet relevant quality standards. Quality standards such as low heavy metal content, no biological toxicity, and no obvious distinguishable residues. Compost is a soil conditioner obtained by biodegradation of the mixture. The mixture is mainly composed of plant residues, and sometimes also contains some ji materials and certain non-ji materials. The raw materials for composting can be solid wastes, such as crop stalks, farming manure in rural areas, urban household garbage, kitchen waste, municipal sludge, and food industry waste residues. What is composting of biodegradable materials? Composting is a treatment method to produce compost. It is a biochemical process that uses microorganisms that are widely present in nature to control the conversion of biodegradable ji in solid waste into stable humus. Composting can be divided into aerobic composting and anaerobic composting according to the process of microbial growth and whether it is oxygenated. Aerobic composting is a process in which ji substances are degraded in the presence of oxygen. Heat and humic substances, anaerobic composting is under anaerobic conditions, anaerobic microorganisms will degrade ji substances into CH4, CO2, H2O, heat and humic substances. We usually say that composting refers to aerobic composting. What is the difference between industrial composting and household composting? Industrialized composting refers to the process in which microorganisms degrade solid and semi-solid ji substances in aerobic medium or high temperature under controlled conditions to produce stable humus. The general cycle is 180 days, but with the changes in aerobic composting technology, it can be as short as 30 days or even shorter. Household composting refers to the aerobic composting process that mainly uses household kitchen waste or garden waste to produce compost for home use. Household composting takes longer than industrial composting, but generally it does not exceed one year. What are the characteristics of biodegradable products material industrial composting and household composting? Whether it is industrialized composting or household composting, the processed garbage should have the following characteristics: 1), biodegradability (that is, the original biodegradability of the material); 2), disintegration performance during the composting process; 3 ), will not have an adverse effect on the biological decomposition process; 4), have an adverse effect on the final compost quality, such as: excessive amount of harmful elements.
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