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What are the advantages of degradable film over plastic film?

by:XCBIO     2021-09-02
Compared with traditional PE and PP plastic films, biodegradable film products are degradable, water-soluble or biodegradable. No matter which way the degradable film is degraded, it has no pollution, no residue, no harm to the environment and environmental protection, and it has strong functionality and a wide range of applications. Because the degradable film has a certain shelf life, it is mainly customized and is a customized functional research and development material. With the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements and awareness of environmental protection, the demand for environmentally-friendly degradable membrane materials will continue to increase, which has better usability in the market and is also a trend in the application of packaging materials in the market. Focusing on the research and development of fully biodegradable films, it is an enterprise engaged in the technology research and production of fully biodegradable films and products, mainly producing new fully biodegradable films and related products. The main raw materials of the fully biodegradable film produced are mainstream fully biodegradable materials generally recognized at home and abroad. Since the establishment of the company, the research and development and production of fully biodegradable products films and products have good biodegradability within 180 to 360 days, and have good product heat-sealability, printability, weather resistance and adaptability. In addition to fully biodegradable films, film products also include fully biodegradable heat-sealing films and fully biodegradable composite films. It is suitable for one-time automatic packaging and compounding of beverage juice packaging and dry goods packaging, which has played a good response in the market. At present, the products independently developed include biodegradable film materials, biodegradable injection molding materials, biodegradable blister materials, biodegradable cast film materials, straw composite materials; biodegradable films, biodegradable heat-sealing films, and biodegradable composites Film; biodegradable plastic bags, starch degradation plastic bags, plant fiber degradation plastic bags, degradable lunch boxes, packing boxes and other products. Our products have EU EN13432, ASTM D6400 standard raw material certificate 7W0391; product certificate 7P1010; DIN CERTCO certificate DIN-9G0187. Chinese standards: GB/T 19277.1-2011 and SGS: REACH210P, ROHS10P. It has core competitiveness in the plastic bag industry, and has a complete and scientific ISO GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system and corporate credit certificate. We will provide one-stop technical service solutions for the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, the production of biodegradable films and the processing of plastic bags. We will continue to serve our customers! If you have requirements for fully biodegradable films, please contact us!
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