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What are the characteristics of several types of commonly used degradable membranes?

by:XCBIO     2021-09-07
Let's take a look at the classification and characteristics of biodegradable products membranes. 1. Features of biodegradable film with high heat seal strength: the transparency and hardness of the film can be adjusted according to customer requirements, the heat seal strength reaches 12-20 MPa, it is soft and easy to store, has good air permeability, good printability, and is completely biodegradable products . 2. Heat-sealable PLA acid polylactic acid transparent film characteristics: high transparency, low haze, good gloss, can clearly show the appearance of the product, enhance the look and feel, and reflect a high level. It has no du nature and odor, meets food hygiene standards, and is degradable. 3. Features of household compost degradation membrane: The main components of this membrane support the degradation of household compost, and can pass the certification of household compost degradation. At an ambient temperature of 20-30°C, the product can be composted in a simple compost bin, and it can be degraded in about 12 months. It can easily dispose of wet garbage in the kitchen and is completely biodegradable products. 4. Paper-plastic covered transparent degradable film features: good transparency, good heat resistance, high tensile strength, almost the same impact strength, rigidity and toughness. Low thermal shrinkage, good adhesion to paper. The ink has good printability, can protect the surface of printed matter from fading, and has the effects of friction resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, water resistance, and stain resistance. The film surface factor value is above 38, which is suitable for the shape of the paper and is biodegradable. 5. Special biodegradable film for paper and plastic covering features: opaque film, good stiffness and stretchability, good ink printability, multi-color printing, high film surface value, suitable for paper covering. . Through the above explanation, we have some understanding of the classification and characteristics of biodegradable membranes. Thank you very much for your patience in reading.
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