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What are the classifications of biodegradable materials

by:XCBIO     2021-08-26
While people are creating a new era of civilization, they also have a negative impact-white garbage. Disposable lunch boxes, disposable plastic products, and agricultural films cannot be recycled and reused. The solutions are mainly incineration and burying. Incineration will cause a lot of harmful substances and pollute the environment; while buried, the polymer cannot be decomposed by microorganisms in a short period of time, which will also pollute the environment. Next we come to understand the classification of biodegradable products materials.   materials can be roughly divided into two categories according to their biodegradation process. One type is completely biodegradable materials, such as natural polymer methyl cellulose, artificial polycaprolactone, etc. The decomposition effect mainly comes from: ①The physical collapse of the plastic structure due to the rapid increase of microorganisms; ②Due to microorganisms Biochemical action, enzyme catalyzed reaction or acid-base catalyzed reaction of various hydrolysis; ③ chain degradation of free radicals caused by other multiple elements. The other is a biodisintegrable material, such as a blend of starch and polyethylene. Its decomposition is mainly due to the destruction of additives and weakening of the polymer chain, which degrades the molecular weight of the polymer to the extent that microorganisms can digest it. It is decomposed into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water.   Biodisintegrable materials are mostly produced by adding starch and photosensitizer, blending with polyethylene and polystyrene. Studies have shown that starch-based biodegradable plastic plastic bags will eventually enter the garbage dump without exposure to sunlight. Even if there is a double degradation of the product, the degradation is mainly dominated by biodegradation. Tests for a certain period of time show that: garbage bags have no significant degradation phenomenon, garbage bags are not naturally damaged, and even have a certain preservation effect on the garbage in the plastic bags.   The above content is related to the classification of biodegradable materials. If you want to know more about biodegradable materials, you can contact online customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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