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What are the degradation methods of biodegradable packaging bags?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-28
There are many ways to degrade biodegradable packaging bags. packaging bags can be biodegraded under composting conditions, anaerobic digestion equipment and other conditions, soil, sea water and other natural environments, which are related to the chemical structure of plastics, product formulations, and degradation environments. Generally speaking, it is wrong to say that biodegradable products packaging bags can only be composted. Materials such as PHA and PBAT are easily biodegradable under seawater, soil and composting conditions. PLA is easily biodegradable under composting conditions, and the degradation cycle or speed will be relatively slow under seawater and soil conditions. Can biodegradable packaging bags be completely degraded in an anaerobic digestion unit? The main reason that biodegradable packaging bags can be degraded by microorganisms is that their chemical structure is different from traditional plastics, so they can be degraded by microorganisms. Most of the currently known biodegradable packaging bags can be degraded by microorganisms under anaerobic digestion equipment. Can the biodegradable products packaging bag be completely degraded in the soil? In natural soil, conditions such as temperature, moisture, and microorganisms are uncontrollable. Compared with the controllable conditions in the composting process, they are relatively uncontrollable. At present, from the application of biodegradable plastic film and the results of laboratory and field degradation experiments, most biodegradable plastics are biodegradable under field soil conditions, such as PBAT, PHA, PCL, PBS, etc. , It can be completely degraded under normal climatic conditions, it will not affect the plants when buried in the soil for 5 months; materials like PLA degrade relatively slowly and take a long time, but after blending with materials such as PBAT, it can be seen from the experimental results , It can be completely degraded in about half a year. The picture below shows the observation results of PBAT, PBAT/PLA and PLA films buried in natural soil in Mentougou. It can be seen from the photos that when the soil moisture is sufficient and the temperature in northern spring, summer and autumn is suitable, the biodegradable plastic can be degraded naturally. Can biodegradable products packaging plastic bags be completely degraded in seawater? There are also microorganisms in the sea water that adapt to the high-salt environment. In the seawater at 25℃±3℃, PHA and PBAT can be completely degraded in about 30-60 days.
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