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What is a courier bag? How to store it?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-29
Courier plastic bags refer to bags used by the express industry to transport documents, documents, materials, goods, etc. Also known as express bags, mailing bags, express packaging bags. Polyethylene plastic express bags are widely used and have the characteristics of low cost, convenient use and good waterproof performance. In addition to the custom-made express bags used by major express companies, there is also the online shopping industry. Many companies customize their own special express bags to give customers a good image, enhance their own good external image, and play a publicity role.  The express bag adopts new environmentally friendly water-based ink technology and does not contain harmful substances such as toluene, which greatly reduces environmental pollution and adverse effects on the human body. It can also be made into customer-specified colors or printed with customer-specified patterns. There is a tear line on the seal of the express bag, and the user can tear it open after receiving it. This ensures the integrity of the bag, and the entire express bag can be left at home as a garbage bag. With this kind of courier bag, you can buy it online several times a month, and you can save money on garbage bags.   express plastic bags can also be used in all aspects of family life, can prevent moisture, water, insects, prevent things from being scattered, and play a role in storage. There is an anti-counterfeiting tape on the seal of the courier bag, which will leave an indelible mark after opening, indicating that the bag has been opened. Courier bags can be used as evidence of whether the package has been opened, can also be used to identify whether relevant personnel are involved, can also be used for anti-theft and anti-theft, suitable for the packaging and transportation of valuables and confidential documents.  When storing express bags, they need to be stored in a clean place without sharp objects, so as to avoid sharp hard objects damaging the express bags and causing unnecessary losses. You also need to store the courier bag in a ventilated and non-humid place. If the courier bag is placed in a non-ventilated place in the supermarket for a long time, it will absorb a lot of moisture, and the courier bag will stick together because of moisture and cannot be used. The damage is serious. If the loss is caused by improper storage of courier bags, it would be a pity. You need to pay attention to fire prevention when storing courier bags, because the courier bags are flammable items, and the storage environment requires a dry environment, which is prone to fire. Warehouses storing courier bags must pay attention to fire prevention, because the hazard of fire is not only the burning of the courier plastic bags, but also the source of fire, causing more fires. Therefore, the fire protection of courier bags is the top priority. The above explanation is the express bag and its storage method. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the courier bag, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline (website (Upper right corner) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!
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