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What is the cost of biodegradable membranes?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-24
The biodegradable membrane produced depends on its own technological research and development conditions, and uses polylactic acid and PBAT as raw materials to process and produce biodegradable products membranes. The thickness of the film produced ranges from 0.02-14 mm to 14 mm. This biodegradable film is converted into carbon dioxide and water through soil, temperature, humidity and microorganisms, and the degradation time can be completely degraded within a few months. It is expected to replace traditional plastic films and provide technology within its capabilities to win white pollution. At present, the price of biodegradable membranes is relatively high because of the continuous increase in raw materials. The previous price was between 27-30 yuan/kg, several times higher than traditional plastic film, but it has a great effect on controlling white pollution. The products in biodegradable bag-making film, biodegradable composite film, and biodegradable heat-sealing film are relatively mature. The company will also produce products related to biodegradable film technology to meet market demand. In the future, there will be not only biodegradable films, but also biodegradable plastic bags and biodegradable packaging. , And the prospects are good. We will continue to work hard to develop more and better products.
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