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What is the difference between a biodegradable plastic bag and a fully biodegradable plastic bag?

by:XCBIO     2021-09-02
In daily life, the use of plastic bags is quite large, and there are many types of plastic bags. As an ordinary consumer, we only pay attention to whether the plastic bags are good-looking and durable. We have never paid much attention to plastic bags. The material and the harm to the environment after discarding. With the step-by-step promotion and implementation of the plastic restriction order, consumers have begun to pay attention to environmentally friendly plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags. Many customers often consult degradable plastic bags, but it seems that many customers do not know that there are degradable plastic bags and fully biodegradable plastic bags. The degradable plastic bag is literally a degradable plastic bag, which means that it can be degraded, but it still contains plastic and other related ingredients. It is only partially degraded and cannot be completely degraded. After being discarded, it will still be biodegradable. Traditional plastic bags are buried or incinerated. In this way, it will also pollute the environment to a certain degree. In other words, consumers who use degradable plastic bags will eventually end up in the same way as traditional plastic plastic bags. After being discarded, they all enter the landfill or are incinerated, and cannot undergo specialized industrial compost degradation treatment. Therefore, biodegradable can only be degraded, not equal to full degradation. In a sense, biodegradable plastic bags are not a viable solution to white pollution, nor are they a panacea for plastic bag pollution. In essence, it will still produce a lot of waste, and biodegradable bags will not actually be degraded. The fully biodegradable plastic bag material is composed of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polyadipate), which are recognized as environmentally friendly materials, harmless and environmentally friendly products. Under the conditions of compost degradation, the fully biodegradable products plastic bags can be fully biodegraded within 180 days. The products of degradation are carbon dioxide and water, which are directly absorbed by plants in the soil, returned to the soil, or degraded when they enter the general environment. Pollution in the environment is truly derived from nature and attributed to nature. The use of fully biodegradable plastic bags greatly reduces the pollution of plastic products to the environment, and is truly environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe to use. The fully biodegradable products plastic bags produced by Xinchuang Bio are used in various industries: supermarket shopping bags, food packaging plastic bags, clothing packaging bags, express packaging bags, garbage bags, medical consumables, etc. Pay attention to environmental protection plastic bags to learn more.
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