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What kind of material is good for vacuum packaging bags?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-20
In fact, the packaging bag market is a mixed market. There are all kinds of materials. For example, the most common ones are pe vacuum bags and cpe vacuum bags. Because of the impact of the national plastic ban in recent years, the market has paid more and more attention to biological products. Many manufacturers will turn their attention to environmentally friendly plastic materials that are biodegradable and compostable when they degrade the production of materials. The most common environmentally friendly plastics are PLA and PBAT, as well as starch plastic bags or talcum powder that were more commonly used as raw materials for plastic bags. In fact, the international regulations stipulate that biodegradable products plastic plastic bags are not considered to be biodegradable plastic plastic bags when the degree of degradation reaches 100%, but the main degradation degree is above 90%, even if they are fully biodegradable, they can enter the market up to the standard. Therefore, if you are an operator, you have to consider what kind of material to use to produce vacuum bags that suit your actual situation; if you are a consumer, please consider what kind of plastic bags are most beneficial to the human body healthy.
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