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What should I pay attention to for biodegradable shopping bags?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-25
What is a biodegradable shopping bag? Shopping bags made of biodegradable materials, used in shopping malls, restaurants and other sales or service places to load items, are called biodegradable shopping bags. This biodegradable shopping bag can be completely degraded into environmentally friendly substances after being discarded. The raw material for the production of biodegradable shopping bags is a material that can be degraded in nature under the action of algae under appropriate temperature and humidity. It is an ideal biodegradable polymer material with good performance. After being discarded, it can be completely degraded by wan and becomes an indispensable part of the harmless substance cycle in nature. shopping bags can be completely degraded when buried in the soil for 180-360 days under normal environmental conditions, and will not affect the environment. Although the cost is slightly higher than traditional plastic bags, it has the advantages of degradability, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental friendliness. It can solve the problem of white pollution, reduce fuel consumption, and solve the pressure on petrochemical resources. shopping bags provide a sufficient alternative guarantee for solving white pollution, and the application of biodegradable shopping bags is a trend product. National standard for biodegradable shopping bags GB/T38082-2019. shopping plastic bags are divided into direct contact with food and direct contact with non-food. During production, shopping bags should be marked with biodegradable shopping bags that are in direct contact with food or biodegradable shopping bags that are not in direct contact with food, and the implementation standards, specifications, load-bearing, manufacturer, and environmental protection of the shopping bag should be marked. shopping bags should have four elements: one is that the raw materials can be decomposed into carbon dioxide by microorganisms; the other is that the materials can be decomposed in the process of burial, and there is no white pollution; third, the buried soil residues will not affect the growth of organisms. The process has a negative impact; the fourth is that it does not contain heavy metal residues. The biodegradable shopping bag is biodegradable. When customizing a biodegradable products shopping bag, customers generally worry about the biodegradability of the biodegradable shopping bag and whether it has a shelf life. Can the biodegradable shopping bag continue to be used after the expiry date? The shelf life of biodegradable shopping bags is generally one year, but its degradation time is related to the environment in which it is located. Under normal daily environment, even if it exceeds one year, it will not degrade immediately. But while the appearance remains unchanged, the performance of the biodegradable shopping bag begins to change, and its strength and toughness will gradually deteriorate over time. It is not recommended to order biodegradable shopping bags in large quantities and stock up in large quantities. Order the right quantity according to the required quantity. When storing, keep the warehouse clean, dry and free from direct sunlight. Therefore, there is a contradiction in biodegradable shopping bags, that is, it is impossible to require rapid degradation but long-term storage.
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