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Why We Choose PLA?

Why We Choose PLA?


PLA(polylactic acid) is made from corn, cassava and other crops. It can be completely degraded in the soil within one year after disposal, and final products are CO2 and water, not pollute the environment. While the traditional plastic, it may take 200-500years to break down. 

Here is the picture of PLA cycle process. First we get the starch from crops, then become lactic acid, after that we have resin, we use resin to do products, after disposal, it will become water and carbon dioxide.

So we can say, our PLA is from nature, use for nature, and back to nature, 100% biodegradable material, no pollution for the environment.

More and more countries begin to ban the plastic products, no plastic will be the trend in the future. Now we have to choose a kind of biodegradable material to develop.

We believe, PLA is a good choice for us, let’s work with us together!

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