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An important material for biodegradable plastic bags-wood-based plastics

by:XCBIO     2021-09-08
Wood-plastic material refers to a type of material made of wood powder filled with synthetic resin, that is, a composite material made of cellulose-containing natural materials and synthetic materials. It is also called wood flour/plastic composite material (WFPC), wood fiber/ composite material (WFPC), wood biodegradable plastic composite material (WPC). Because the wood powder in the wood-plastic composite material has a wide range of sources, is cheap, and can be regenerated and has biodegradability, the product has high strength and low density, and it is a kind of environmentally friendly material. Because wood-plastic composites have a series of advantages, especially its environmental friendliness, it has attracted widespread attention from research and industry at home and abroad, and has gradually achieved commercialization progress, and its applications have become increasingly widespread. North America is currently the largest area in the world’s wood-plastic composite material market. According to the special report of 'Wood-plastic composite materials used as building planks in 2001-Vibrant outdoor construction applications' by Pricipia Partners, the United States, only North America in 2001 The market consumption reached 320kt, and the consumption in 2005 doubled from 2001. In addition to construction, there are also applications in the automotive industry, warehouse industry, transportation, agriculture, and even military industry and amusement facilities. Wood-plastic products appeared in Europe and Japan as early as the 1970s. Some residential builders used wood sawdust and mixed them into hard PVC dry mixes at a ratio of about 30% to produce woody textures. Profile. However, industrial production has not been realized due to serious screw wear and low productivity. In recent years, the extruded wood plastic materials have solved the above problems in the aspects of raw material processing, formula technology, extrusion molding machines, molds, etc., and further solved the uniform mixing and degassing of materials. This technology and products have officially entered The era of commoditization. Wood-plastic composite materials have been widely recognized in the United States, and the first commercial production line in Europe has also begun operation, which has promoted the progress of the wood-biodegradable plastic products market. In the new technology of wood-plastic products, the amount of wood flour (including other fibers) is more than 50%. Therefore, wood flour has been regarded as not only a filler, but a raw material component. At present, some developers of this material believe that this material, which has become a hot spot at home and abroad, should be regarded as a brand-new material. The material with less than 60% of wood flour can be called wood-plastic products, and the amount of wood flour More than 70% of materials should be called wood products, because it is actually a kind of wood bonded with resin. Therefore, the material with high wood powder content has its inherent properties and shortcomings (compared with biodegradable plastic materials, it has poor toughness), so it cannot be compared with PVC, PP, and foamed PVC materials with wood powder. Its main competition The material is MDF profile.
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