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Application of biodegradable film

by:XCBIO     2021-08-24
Today, I will introduce the application of biodegradable products film. 1. Application of high heat-sealing strength biodegradable film: Application: It can be used to make all kinds of flat bags, handbags, self-adhesive bags, vest bags, etc. It is also suitable for product packaging in continuous automatic packaging production lines. 2. Heat-sealable lactic acid PLA transparent film application: widely used in color box skylights, flower packaging, flower sets, socks and clothing packaging, cigarettes, books, greeting cards and stationery cover packaging. It can be used for the packaging of snacks, fruits, vegetables, bread, candy, corrosive products (meat, cheese, cooking) and other products. 3. Household compost degradation film application: used for pet garbage plastic bags, shopping plastic bags, roll plastic bags, express packaging bags, disposable household products (tablecloths, aprons, gloves, shower caps, etc.), and wet garbage packaging for kitchen waste classification. 4. Transparent biodegradable film for paper-plastic covering. Application: Widely used in food packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetic packaging and other color box covering films. 5. Application of biodegradable products film for paper-plastic covering: It can be used for composite packaging of food, electronic products and cosmetics. The appearance after coating is a matte style, which improves the packaging level. There are so many introductions about the application of biodegradable membranes. If you have a need for biodegradable membranes, you can consult us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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