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Hainan's "Plastic Ban Order" Increases Biodegradable Production Largely

Hainan's "Plastic Ban Order" Increases Biodegradable Production Largely


On December 27, the staff of a fully biodegradable plastic products production enterprise in Hainan Jinlu Industrial Park were busy to speed up the production of fully biodegradable plastic bags. 

According to reports, in the first month of Hainan's comprehensive "plastic ban", orders for all biodegradable plastic bags of the enterprise surged, and the order volume increased five times in the middle of this month.

At present, seven enterprises in Hainan Province have the production capacity of biodegradable plastic products.It is understood that attracted by the policy advantages of Hainan free trade port, Hainan has attracted a number of upstream raw material projects to build a complete industrial chain of biodegradable materials and products, such as biodegradable poop bag, cling film, garbage bag, shopping bag and express mailer shipping bag etc..