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Is PLA fully degradable vest bag really degradable?

by:XCBIO     2021-09-07
PLA fully biodegradable vest plastic bags are produced from hard biodegradable products materials. The characteristics of bio-based polymer packaging plastic bags adapted to a recycling-oriented society are one of the most fully biodegradable products bags that have been developed, developed and produced. The raw materials of PLA fully biodegradable vest bags can be recycled, heat recycling, chemical recycling, or biodegradable biological recycling. The hydrolysis and depolymerization properties of PLA fully biodegradable vest bags are similar to those of raw materials, so thermal decomposition, chemical hydrolysis, hydrolysis under the action of enzymes and microorganisms can all be effectively decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. The most important thing in the chemical recycling and reuse of the raw materials of PLA fully biodegradable vest plastic bags is to prevent the generation of different structures.
Collectively, the effect of biodegradable products on industrial society has been to eliminate biodegradable plastic production and drastically reduce the time long associated with biodegradable plastic wholesale.
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