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Medical biodegradable materials

by:XCBIO     2021-08-20
Medical biodegradable materials not only need to be medically effective, but also need to be safe, non-toxic, non-irritating, and have excellent biocompatibility with the human body. Medical biodegradable materials mean that after completing their medical functions, they can be dissolved and absorbed by lytic enzymes in the organism. plastics have been commonly used in surgical sutures, artificial skin, orthopedics, drug release agents in the body, and absorbent sutures. Lines and other fields.  1. Surgical suture    The ideal suture has good adaptability in the body, is non-toxic, non-irritating, and can be absorbed by the tissue after maintaining a certain strength in the body, and it can be absorbed by the tissue. The seaming performance, knotting and flexibility should meet the requirements of use. The original sheep gut is easy to produce antigenic reaction and is adaptable to the human body. Inferior and not easy to store. Experiments have shown that drug sutures made of chitin and chitosan can be decomposed by lysozyme in the body and produce CO2 to be excreted from the body. The produced glycoprotein can be absorbed by the tissue, avoiding the trouble of removing the stitches after the operation, and alleviating the pain of the patient. Urine, bile, and pancreatic juice were maintained well. Strong, self-priming after use, will not cause allergies, and can speed up wound healing.  2, artificial skin   Human skin is a tissue with strong regeneration ability, but large-area burns cannot be cured with only one's own skin or autologous skin. It needs artificial repair. During the treatment process, the skin acts as a temporary wound protective layer material to help heal. The role of artificial skin is to prevent the evaporation and loss of water and body fluids in the wound; prevent infection; promote the growth of granulation or epithelium and promote treatment. Artificial. At the same time, the skin can be disinfected and detoxified to prevent bacterial infection, and it will not be harmful to the human body. A large number of artificial skins in commercial use today are collagen carapace. Enzymes catalyze the biodegradation of materials, such as poly-L-leucine.  3, slow-release drugs    tablets enter the human body after oral administration, and the concentration in the blood must reach a certain level in order to exert its physiological activity, that is, the blood concentration of the drug is too high. When the limit is set, side effects will occur, and when the metabolic process of the drug in the blood is metabolized by the body, the reduction of the blood drug concentration does not work. The drug slow-release agent made of bio-dropper detoxification polymer material can maintain a constant release of the drug in the body for a long time, improve the treatment effect for high-risk patients such as cancer and heart disease, and provide convenient and effective treatment for long-term blood pressure reduction.   The above content is related to medical biodegradable products materials. If you want to know more about biodegradable products materials, you can contact online customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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