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Overview of natural polymer material plastics for biodegradable bags

by:XCBIO     2021-08-26
As early as the middle of the 20th century, celluloid was made by using camphor as a plasticizer and digesting cellulose as a raw material. This is the earliest example of using natural polymer materials to make plastic bags. Later, acetyl cellulose modified with natural polysaccharides was used to make base materials for photographic film. After that, there were urethane cellulose, lignin, and amylose; casein plastic made from bovine casein and formaldehyde; wood plastic made from wood flour and lauric acid; copolymer made from gelatin and ethyl acrylate Etc.; In the cellulose fiber and chitosan acetic acid aqueous solution added plasticizer, and then dried and heat treated thermoplastic materials. The natural polymer materials used to produce biodegradable products plastic plastic bags come from plants and animals. The former includes starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and its derivatives, and the latter includes gelatin, chitin, and prion acetylated crustaceans. , Chitosan and its derivatives. Most of the methods for producing biodegradable products plastic plastic bags with natural polymer materials are modification. Modifications include physical modification by adding additives, and by grafting natural polymer materials onto synthetic polymer materials, such as amylose, fiber Chemical modification methods such as grafting of cellulose and polyurethane, copolymerization of gelatin and ethyl acryloyl, and grafting of starch and polyethylene. The biodegradable products plastic plastic bags produced by using natural polymer materials include: thermoplastic starch, biocellulose, polysaccharides and polyamino acids, as well as their blended and chemically modified varieties.
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