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Q: Are destructive biodegradable plastic environmentally friendly?

Q: Are destructive biodegradable plastic environmentally friendly?


A: This type of destructive biodegradable plastic is a natural appearance of natural substances such as starch, wheat flour, rice flour or bamboo fiber, which is added to conventional plastics to achieve so-called biodegradation. Although natural materials can degrade, the rest of the plastic is still plastic. Therefore, such destructive bioplastics are not completely biodegradable plastics. Some people say that it is partially degraded, but partial degradation is the real harm, because the so-called partial degradation refers to the degradation of natural materials, so that the remaining petroleum-based plastics are destroyed, but the recovery value and use value are lost. It gradually ages in nature and becomes plastic. Its hazard is similar to the photodegradable plastics. It causes traditional petroleum-based plastics to become debris and remains in the soil, causing soil compaction, microbial death, soil erosion and so on. This material has a more terrible place because it looks environmentally friendly and even smells environmentally friendly. For example, some starch-based bioplastics smell even starchy, very comfortable, which makes people mistakenly think that this is really environmentally friendly to use, but it is not.