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What are the performance requirements of the biodegradable heat-sealable film?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-23
The traditional heat-sealing film is familiar to everyone, and it is relatively smooth to use. However, everything will be eliminated if it does not adapt to the development of the trend. It is also a trend that biodegradable products heat-sealing films replace traditional heat-sealing films. Many customers will have problems like this when converting traditional heat-sealing films into fully biodegradable heat-sealing films. Here are a few points for your reference. (1) The initial temperature of the heat sealing should be low to meet the requirements of the high-speed automatic bag making and filling machine; (2) The heat sealing film should have good cold and heat resistance; (3) The heat sealing strength should be high; ( 4) The hot peeling strength should be large, that is: the hot peeling distance should be small, which means that during the heat sealing, due to mechanical tension, etc., the part that has been heat sealed, and the part that has been peeled off again should be small; (5) It must have good heat-sealability of inclusions, that is: the hot cover is contaminated by oily dust and still have a good heat-seal strength; (6) The dynamic and static friction coefficient should be between 0.2 and 0.4 to facilitate powdery and viscous liquids The full and sufficient filling; (7) It has good breaking-resistant packaging. Of course, different machines have different packaging requirements, and the problem must be solved in specific circumstances. Heat-sealing films are used in many places, and machines that belong to automatic packaging in all walks of life are used, but most manufacturers are still using non-biodegradable heat-sealing films. Fully biodegradable products heat-sealable films will increasingly enter the market. If you have needs and related questions about biodegradable products heat-sealable film, you can consult customer service and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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