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What is the future prospect of biodegradable materials?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-26
materials are mainly used in packaging, agriculture and other fields, and the packaging industry is widely used. Take the People's Liberation Army and PBAT as examples. Their main markets are packaging film, agricultural film, disposable packaging bags and disposable tableware. Packaging film accounts for 60% and agricultural film accounts for 30%. In recent years, China's demand for films has been increasing. In the future, the packaging field will still be the main market for the biodegradable materials PLA and PBAT, with broad application prospects. At present, the global production capacity of biodegradable products materials is growing rapidly every year; China's biodegradable materials are also developing rapidly. In addition to production, a large number of production lines are under construction or planned to be constructed. The production capacity and usage of materials such as PHA and PCL are also increasing, and it is believed that they will be better developed. In China, with the requirements of a series of ZC measures such as urban household waste classification, e-commerce packaging, postal express packaging, takeaway packaging, etc., vigorously promote green, recycling, and low-carbon development to form a lifestyle that saves resources and protects the environment. With the gradual implementation of ZC and WS at home and abroad, the technical update, testing, evaluation and standard system of biodegradable materials in my country are becoming more and more WS-oriented, and the production, processing and application of biodegradable products materials will be more extensive. Imagine if domestic ordinary shopping bags use biodegradable shopping bags, the express industry uses biodegradable express bags instead of traditional express bags, various industries such as catering use biodegradable packaging, and the agricultural film industry uses biodegradable plastic films instead of traditional plastic films. In addition, with the promotion of municipal waste classification and kitchen waste composting, what is the market potential if biodegradable waste plastic bags are used to replace traditional plastic waste plastic bags? At present, white pollution has become an environmental issue of global concern. Countries at home and abroad have their own plastic limit orders to support the development of biodegradable materials. materials will be widely used and developed.
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