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Composition of biodegradable materials

by:XCBIO     2021-08-26
materials include biodegradable natural polymer materials such as cellulose, starch, paper, etc., as well as biodegradable plastics obtained by biological or chemical synthesis. plastics refer to those stored in nature under natural standards such as soil layer and/or sand, and/or special conditions such as refining standards or anaerobic digestion standards or in water-soluble cell culture fluids. The effect of microbial strains causes dissolution, and completely dissolves into carbon dioxide (CO2) or/and methane gas (CH4), water (H2O), acidified carbonates of the contained elements, and new biomass fuels (such as microbial bacteria). Kind of dead body, etc.). It should be noted that every biodegradable material includes paper, etc., and its dissolution must be subject to natural environmental standards. If it does not have dissolution standards, especially the daily life standards of microbial strains, its dissolution will be slower; in addition, it is not Every biodegradable material can be quickly dissolved under all natural environmental standards. Therefore, when looking at biodegradable products materials, we should consider their natural environmental standards and analyze the structure of the materials themselves to determine whether they are biodegradable materials. How to know whether a material is biodegradable, my country has promulgated a series of inspection methods and regulations, which respond to the problem of regulation. Three criteria must be considered for biodegradable packaging plastic bags: First, it must be completely soluble, and the substances are carbon dioxide and water; secondly, under the industrial production of retting fertilizer standards, it must be completely dissolved within 180 days; third, after dissolution, it will not cause all poisons. Side effects, no harm to the natural environment. materials have been commonly used in the customization of packaging bags. This type of packaging plastic bags can be solved in retting fertilizer processing plants and become soil organic fertilizers within 30-45 days. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Europe and the United States have just begun to use biodegradable packaging plastic bags and food waste bags. In terms of biodegradable materials alone, there are actually quite a few. PLA, PBS, PHA, PCL, and PUR have a higher cost basis than crude oil. However, the technology at this stage makes this difference in some commodities actually not very different. For example, Mitsui in Japan has fermented lactic acid bacteria with yeast, which aggregates into polylactic acid according to the open loop. Only this kind of material can not replace traditional crude oil based on habitual logical thinking and some characteristics. But the overall development trend is that the market share of biodegradable materials is getting higher and higher. The above explanation is about the composition of biodegradable materials. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about biodegradable materials, please contact customer service online or call our company’s service hotline (website (Upper right corner) for consultation, we will be happy to provide you with quality service!
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