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Degradation of PLA products

Degradation of PLA products


PLA takes annually renewable resources – corn, cassava and other plants as raw material. After fermentation by microorganisms, lactic acid will be extracted, then PLA will be produced through a process of refining, dehydration polymerization, high temperature pyrolysis and final polymerization. PLA has excellent biodegradable property and apply at BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS well.


Here are three ways of PLA degradation:


1. Compost degradation


PLA can achieve full biodegradation within 180 days under composting degradation conditions, and the final products are carbon dioxide and water. The composting conditions are as follows:

      Temperature: 58±2

    ○Humidity: 98%

    ○Microbial presence


2. Landfill degradation


The degradation rate of PLA under landfill conditions is slow, generally takes 2-5 years, but the degradation products do not pollute the groundwater without destroying the plant growth, and not waste the cultivated land, and eventually it is still fully degraded.


3. Incineration


The combustion heat value of PLA is small, and the complete combustion products are carbon dioxide and water, which do not pollute the air.


Because PLA derives from renewable plant resources but not the petroleum-based traditional plastics, so it can truly realize energy-saving and environmental protection, and PLA is considered to be the most promising new "ecological material".


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