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Use biodegradable environmental protection plastic bags---to be the terminator of white pollution

by:XCBIO     2021-08-22
World Wide Web published a daily article on 50 million take-out garbage threatening urban ecology on December 22, revealing a set of worrying data: The Guangzhou Urban Minerals Association collected 1,079 questionnaires in Guangzhou University City at the end of 2018, showing that never Only 9.92% of students ordering takeaways, 33.72% of them once a day or more; surveys show that 54% of the food leftovers in takeaway lunch boxes that are thrown away account for more. According to a survey, 49.2% of workplace elites mainly rely on takeaways to solve work meals. Among them, 14.19% of workplace elites order five or more takeaways a week; 31.01% of them order takeaways 3 to 4 times a week; 33.19% of the interviewed The number of times of ordering take-out is also 1 to 2 times; only 20.82% of people basically do not order take-out. The CEO of Meituan posted on Weibo at the end of July this year, stating that Meituan’s daily order volume has exceeded 30 million. According to a report released by iiMedia Consulting, Meituan ranks high in the industry with a market share of 51.8%. Ele.me ranks second with a market share of 47.4%, and other platforms account for only 0.8% in total. According to this calculation, the total daily orders of major food delivery platforms have exceeded 50 million orders. While 50 million orders have brought convenience to people, they have also produced a lot of white pollution. According to calculations, the area of u200bu200bwaste plastic generated by each ordering platform every day amounts to 3 million square meters, which is roughly equivalent to 422 football fields. The total amount of waste for 50 million orders per day on major platforms is about 2500 tons, and it takes about 250 medium-sized trucks to load it. Such a huge amount of white pollution has put a lot of pressure on the sanitation department. These disposable tableware and packaging bags used for packaging are made of ordinary plastics, which are not biodegradable under natural conditions, and incineration or landfill treatment will produce toxic and harmful substances, which will have a serious impact on the environment. Behind these white pollution is the environment that humans urgently need to improve... Be the terminator of white pollution, let environmental protection take root and keep pollution away! Everyone is responsible! Global environmental protection technology, biodegradable products environmental protection plastic bags will be responsible, and this is the birth...White pollution refers to the pollution of non-naturally biodegradable substances, mainly ordinary plastic bags. Plastic bags are one of the most commonly used items in our daily lives, which indeed bring great convenience to people, but at the same time, the harm to humans is immeasurable. Of course, the pollution of plastic bags is only part of the white pollution. As a member of society, each of us has a responsibility to maintain the environment. As an enterprise, we must take the lead and take the lead to maintain a good ecological environment. We are a manufacturer that independently develops and produces biodegradable environmental protection plastic bags. This kind of biodegradable products environmental protection plastic plastic bags are biodegradable. When used up and discarded, the plastic bag can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil within a few months. How many biodegradable products environmentally friendly plastic bags we produce will reduce environmental pollution. This kind of biodegradable environmental protection plastic bag can also be recycled and recycled, so that the ecological environment and human beings can achieve true harmony! The way to save the plastic crisis is to reduce the use of ordinary plastic plastic bags and replace the use of ordinary plastic bags with biodegradable environmentally friendly plastic bags. The products we produce have corresponding certificates:
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