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What are the advantages of biodegradable plastic bags compared with ordinary plastic bags?

by:XCBIO     2021-08-24
The raw materials of biodegradable plastic bags are made from plant starch, cellulose, chitin or agricultural by-products through microbial fermentation or decomposition of biodegradable polymers. Under the action of microorganisms, plastics with low molecular weight compounds can be synthesized. It is characterized by simple storage and transportation, wide use, and can be used in agricultural mulch, packaging bags, and also in various industries such as medicine and food. With the prosperous development of various industries, biodegradable plastic bags are becoming more and more popular and will eventually replace traditional plastic bags. Let’s take a look at the advantages of biodegradable plastic bags: First, biodegradable plastic bags are made of animal straw, starch, etc., which are not harmful to humans and the environment. After being discarded, they are exposed to sunlight, water, etc. Under the action of the biological environment, it can be synthesized by itself, no matter whether it is harmful to people or the environment, it belongs to the green packaging plastic bag. 2. The biodegradable plastic bag has a high standard of use, has good solvent and oil resistance, and can be heat-sealed. This kind of packaging plastic bag is used for catering and other aspects. It is clean and hygienic and can be used with peace of mind. 3. In terms of quality, it has good tension, strong stretch, high softness and good hand feeling. It is a relatively good packaging plastic bag. Fourth, in addition, it has good antistatic function and does not absorb dust. Ordinary plastic bags: 1. Ordinary plastic plastic bags cannot be decomposed naturally, are polluted seriously, and have no value for recycling. 2. Toxic gas is produced when ordinary plastic is burned. This gas not only tastes unpleasant, but also can cause blindness, vomiting and other symptoms when inhaled, and cause great air pollution. 3. Plastics are products refined from petroleum, and petroleum resources are limited, causing a waste of resources. 4. Plastics have poor heat resistance and are prone to aging. If it is used to hold food, it will cause harm to the human body. No matter from which level, it is an indisputable fact that biodegradable products plastic bags replace ordinary plastic bags and conforms to the trend. This article is from Xinchuang Bio Technology. Please indicate the address for reprinting: http://www.huanbaojd.com/
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