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What inks are needed for printing food plastic packaging bags

by:XCBIO     2021-08-22
In the printing of food plastic packaging bags, how to choose a good printing ink is very important. In life, the requirements for food plastic packaging plastic bags are getting higher and higher, and the ink must not have any residue. So environmentally friendly ink came into being. Why is it named environmentally friendly ink? That is because this series of inks will not pollute the environment when consumed and used, nor will it cause physical harm to the user, nor will the food in the plastic food packaging bag be contaminated or destroyed. There are three types of environmentally friendly inks: 1. Ultraviolet (UV) curing inks The curing of UV curing inks is a photochemical function, that is, under the action of ultraviolet energy, the substance is cured into a film in a very short time, except for the surface curing of the ink. In addition, it can penetrate deep into the liquid solidified ink and further solidify the deep ink film. In traditional inks, oil-based inks condense under the action of oxidation, while solvent-based or water-based inks are solidified by the evaporation of water or solvents, and local inks can penetrate into the paper. Therefore, compared with traditional inks, the polymerization of UV-curable inks is more thorough, without any evaporation or solvent purification, and the ink film is completely cured. UV curable inks are mostly used for flexible printing on soft substrates. The ideal ink should have the characteristics of good diffusibility, good leveling, and strong coloring power. When printing with UV-curable inks, attention should be paid to the inhibition of polymerization, surface tension and wetting, the correlation between ink viscosity and humidity, and the shrinkage of the printing plate; if the ink’s adhesion to the plastic is not good, it is necessary to The plastic is used for flame resolution or corona discharge resolution, thereby improving the adhesion of the plastic surface. 2. Water-based ink Water-based ink, flexographic water-based ink, also known as liquid ink, is made of water-soluble resin, inorganic pigments, solvents and related additives through compound grinding. Water-based ink is the ink used in most flexographic packaging printing at present. It has obvious advantages in heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, purification resistance and gloss. It has excellent functions whether it is directly diffused to dissolve or decomposes polymer emulsions. The water-based ink does not contain volatile inorganic solvents. It will not increase the toxicity of printed matter residues, and it can avoid fire caused by static electricity and flammable solvent contact. Water-based ink is not only a new type of green printing ink, but also a better product to replace benzene-soluble ink. Water-based inks are especially suitable for packaging and printing products that require strict sanitary conditions such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, beverages, medicines, and children's toys. 3. Electron beam curing ink (EB ink) Electron beam curing ink refers to the ink that can quickly change from liquid to solid under the irradiation of high-energy electron beams, also known as EB ink. The electron beam curing ink is composed of pigments, adjuvants, colorants, etc. The electron beam has high energy and has a strong penetrating power to solid components such as pigments and fillers. The ink will not be hindered by pigments or fillers, and the outside of the ink film will not be affected. Electron beam curing is the process of using the electron beam to do the irradiation power, and the active liquid chemical formula to stop the radiation chemical feedback, and the process of rapid drying and curing at room temperature. Because electron beam is a kind of radiation, electron beam radiation can also be classified as radiation curing. Radiation curing is a new technology that has emerged on the basis of the existing technology. It uses a scanning electronic reducer. In the radiation curing, the electron beam of the electronic reducer scans the surface of the substrate to complete the curing process. The fundamental meaning is to use ultraviolet light or electron beam as power to trigger a chemically active liquid formula to complete the rapid reaction curing process on the surface of the substrate. Ultraviolet curing and electron beam curing technologies are different from traditional technologies (such as thermal curing). The advantage is that radiation curing uses high-efficiency and dynamic ultraviolet light or electron beams as the initiation means to quickly complete the coating curing. The electron beam radiation is composed of a batch of decelerated electron currents. Under the action of the high-energy electron beam, free radicals or ionic radicals are generated, and the free radicals or ionic radicals are cross-linked with other substances to form a network polymer. Compared with ultraviolet light, the energy of particles is much higher than that of ultraviolet light, which can ionize the air, and electron beam curing does not require photoinitiators, which may indirectly trigger chemical feedback, and the penetrating power of substances is greater than that of ultraviolet light. With the advancement of the requirements and specifications of the printing industry, the attention to environmental protection and the progress of environmental protection printing technology, the requirements of manufacturers for food plastic packaging plastic bags are also getting higher and higher, which also puts forward higher requirements for the use of ink components in printing. Requirements. Therefore, environmentally friendly inks will surely become one of the mainstream printing raw material products in the food plastic packaging bag industry in the future.
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