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Biodegradable bag scam

by:XCBIO     2021-08-26
As we all know, degradable plastics are currently the best way to solve the pollution of plastic waste. However, in the face of various degradable garbage bags and plastic plastic bags and complex biodegradable technologies on the market, how to identify the quality of the product and how to determine whether the product is truly environmentally friendly and degradable has become a major problem. In front of consumers. Today, Tianzhuang environmental protection technicians will introduce this principle to you! At present, the mainstream degradation technologies on the market can be divided into two categories: one is biodegradable products plastics made of PBAT, PHA, PLA, etc. Its essence is to copolymerize small biomolecules to form raw materials, not to produce plastic particles. products. The core principle of our self-developed eco-plastic technology is to melt and oxygenate polyethylene plastic with EBP degradation masterbatch under the conditions of light/heat and oxygen, and then enter the natural environment for biodegradation. Consumers will look for core technologies when buying, and rest assured to ask for relevant qualification certificates. The fully bio-based degradable plastic technology started earlier in China, and we know more about it, so I won’t repeat it here. Now, I will mainly describe another technical route, namely the oxidative biodegradation technology of ecological plastics. This technical route is jointly completed by overseas Ru0026D teams on the basis of previous research and development. . Now, I think everyone has a deep understanding of degradable garbage bag products. Consumers actually choose the strength of the company when choosing products. No matter how good the advertisement is, it is not as effective as the product. The same technology is the soul of the product. Its advanced performance and reliability are a powerful guarantee for the real environmental protection of biodegradable products.
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