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Performance and evaluation of biodegradable raw materials

by:XCBIO     2021-08-23
For the detection of the dissolution characteristics of biodegradable products raw materials, there are no unified specifications at this stage. You can choose to include the methods adopted or prepared by the American Testing Standards for Materials (ASTM) as the standardized methods, through biochemical and microbiological experiments. The main ways to evaluate are as follows. 1. Soil burying method: There are two types of soil burying method: outdoor soil burying method and indoor soil burying method. The source of microbial bacteria is mainly the population of microbial bacteria in the soil layer. After a certain period of time, take out the specimen to measure its weight loss Changes in state, mechanical properties, or electron microscopy to clarify the state of being invaded by microorganisms in the soil layer. The advantage is that it can reflect the biological dissolution performance under natural environmental conditions; the disadvantage is that the experiment time is long, the experimental results are different due to different soil qualities, and the repeatability is poor. 2. Quantitative method of petri incubator:    add experimental sample and nutrient agar to the vessel, inoculate microbial strains for cultivation, after a certain period of time, analyze the weightlessness of the sample and some physical changes or chemistry Variety. The advantage is that it can be quickly degraded, and the experimental results can be obtained in a short time, with good refolding and good quantification; the defect is that it cannot reflect the actual situation in nature. 3. Enzyme analysis method:     add buffer and test sample to the vessel, let the enzyme work-after a certain time, analyze the weightlessness of the test piece, visually observe the growth of mold, and analyze the physical or chemical properties of the test piece under a microscope. Variety. The advantage is that the experimental period is short, the refolding is good, and the quantification is good; the disadvantage is that it cannot reflect the actual situation in nature.   The above content is related to the performance and evaluation of biodegradable products raw materials. If you want to know more about biodegradable products raw materials, you can contact online customer service and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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