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by:XCBIO     2021-09-07
PLA is the abbreviation of polylactic acid, and it is the main component of biodegradable products bags. Most of the biodegradable plastic bags on the market are polylactic acid biodegradable bags. Under certain conditions, they can be decomposed by microorganisms in three to six months. Can be completely degraded. Many manufacturers of biodegradable products plastic bags now use PLA+PBAT as the raw material for biodegradable bags, or add corn starch to them. According to the different materials, the price of biodegradable bags also has many kinds. The best quality bag is PLA+PBAT. Jiuxinda biodegradable products bags are made according to this formula to match the raw materials to produce biodegradable plastic bags, so our products are all It is for middle and high-end customers. If you want to upgrade your product grade through packaging bags, it is recommended to choose Jiuxinda biodegradable bags. The cheaper price is PLA+PBAT+starch. The higher the starch content, the cheaper the price, and the bags produced are not durable for storage. Because starch is a very water-absorbing substance, it will easily absorb moisture in the air when exposed to the air, which will cause mold, which will cause microorganisms on the surface of the bag, which will make PLA and PBAT easily decompose. plastic plastic bags are currently the most discussed topic. The products on the market are also very confusing. Therefore, many consumers can recognize that it is a biodegradable bag made of pure PLA and which is a biodegradable bag made of pure PBAT. It is the biodegradable bag made of PLA+PBAT as raw materials.
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The plastic granules suppliers biodegradable products is an all-servo system capable of storing hundreds of biodegradable plastic wholesale process parameters to provide custom plastic granules manufacturing profiles for each pla production type and biodegradable plastic production configuration.
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